Your company car may be a Taurus, but let's dream bigger. What would you drive if you were a CEO?

Like the CEO of Ikea I, too, drive an older Volvo. Unlike him, if I had Ikea CEO money I wouldn't drive the Volvo every day (I'd keep it, don't worry). Assuming I'm one of those CEOs who gets driven from place-to-place while dictating notes to a leggy secretary and watching Bloomberg Business News for updates I'd go fairly conventional, with a long black luxobarge, but not a Maybach, a Bimmer or a Benz. I'd choose a Volkswagen Phaeton. Why? It's a great performer, able to outrun any danger. It's tastefully luxurious, with dozens of unique features designed to keep passengers comfortable. And most importantly, it's not so opulent as to make me a target for crime or assassination. To quote another CEO from William Gibson's Spook Country: "The agency has Phaetons... Good stealth cars. Mistake them for Jettas, at a distance."


Assuming your golden parachute is packed tight and you can waste as much shareholder change as you'd like what would you drive as a Fortune 500 CEO?

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Photo Credit: DPstyles