The 29th race in LeMons history took place last weekend, and we saw BMW tie Toyota for second place in the overall-win category (Mazda holds seven LeMons titles versus five apiece for BMW and Toyota).

Plenty of drama to go around at the second annual LeMons South Spring race, with the race-leading Volkswagen GTI blowing its engine late on Saturday, torrential downpours helping a 55-ton Audi four-wheel it to an impossible 7th place, and one of the most intense Index Of Effluency battles in LeMons history. Two Alfa Spiders, a Fiat 124 Spider, a Dodge Omni, a Chevy Citation X-11, and the aforementioned Audi 100 all fought for IOE supremacy, with the Citation— the most-recalled car in American history— coming out on top.

The complete LeMons South Spring 2010 Über Gallery— all 1,100 photos of it— may be viewed here. For complete results, with lap totals and times, go here.

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1. Super Troopers Racing, BMW 325
Winner on laps

2. Magnum PU, Honda Prelude
Winner, Class Bad

3. Tow Mater, Mazda RX-7
Winner, Class Good

4. Jacky Ickx GT30, Mitsubishi 3000GT

5. Rush Hour Racing - Mellow Kab, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

6. Saturn Five, Saturn SC1

7. Uchill, Audi 100
Winner, Class Ugly
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least award

8. Flying Purple People Eater, Mazda RX-7

9. Howard J Turkstra Motorsports, Toyota Celica

10., Saab 900 Turbo
Quickest lap of race (1:02.534)

11. Starfleet Academy Dropouts, Honda Civic

12. Team Sgt. Schultz, Mercedes-Benz S500
Winner, Organizer's Choice award

13. Sweede Lil Pigs, Saab 900

14. BMW Sober L1, BMW 325e

15. Grim Reaper Racing, Ford Mustang

16. Mod Squad Racing, Toyota MR2

17. V Dub Motorsports, Volkswagen Jetta

18. Team GUMF, Mazda RX-7

19. Satan's Wankel, Mazda RX-7

20. Eagle Racing, Eagle Talon

21. Schumacher Taxi Service 2, Audi 80 Quattro

22. Team Tortoise, Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

23. Upside Down Motor Brigade, BMW 325i

24. Our Lady Of Perpetual Downforce, Honda Civic

25. Cockroach Racing, Nissan 200SX

26. Swede Sixteen Racing, Volvo 740

27. Pink Ladies, Mazda Miata

28. Redneck Racin III, Datsun 200SX
Winner, Best Moonshine award

29. Domestic Violence, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

30. Keystone Kops, Volvo 240

31. Wateree Renegades, Mazda Miata

32. Dog Ciao Racing, Alfa Romeo Spider

33. Days Of Blunder Racing, BMW 325e

34. Schumacher Taxi Craptation Regurgitation, Chevrolet Citation X-11
Winner, Index Of Effluency

35. Race To Failure, Saab 900

36. Riverrat Racing, BMW 318i

37. Dorifto Dogs, BMW E30

38. POS Racing, Honda Civic

39. Uranus, Dodge Omni Charger

40. Team Pooper Scooper, Ford Pinto

41. Beaver Liquors, Porsche 944

42. Black and Mild Racing, Chrysler Sebring

43. Total Recall, Toyota Supra

44. Lightspeed Racing, BMW 533

45. P-Cups, Porsche 944

46. Bone Stock Racing, Mitsubishi Diamante

47. Rubber Biscuit Racing, Chevrolet Caprice

48. B&W Racing, Honda Prelude

49. Barfing Duck, Saturn SL

50. Team SOB (South Of The Border), Volkswagen GTI
Winner, I Got Screwed award

51. Team Drinking And Driving, Honda Civic

52. Eau Rude, Nissan Sentra SE-R

53. Bug Eyed Blowfish Boysenberry Pie Racing, BMW 325

54. JP Smith Builders, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

55. Dirty Sanchez Racing, Alfa Romeo Spider

56. Stupid But Tough Racing, Chevrolet Malibu
Winner, Judges' Choice award
Winner, Most Radioactive award

57. NEZ Racing, Nissan 300ZX

58. Amaxophobe Racing, Pontiac Fiero

59. Hong Norr - Team Killer Whale, Honda CRX

60. The Continentals, Acura Integra

61. Rubber Duck Racing, Nissan Sentra

62. Spinin Money, Honda Civic

63. Beelzebubbas - Rednecks From Italian Hell, Chevrolet Camaro

64. Viva Viagra, Opel Kadett

65. Barfing Duck Part Deux, Datsun 240Z

66. Team Yellow Submarine, Mazda Miata

67. Team Quaalude, Honda Prelude

68. Theoretical Racing, Datsun 280ZX

69. Midlife Crisis, Nissan 300ZX

70. Dixie Chickens, Fiat 124 Sport Spider
Winner, Heroic Fix (for installing daily-driver's engine after race engine crapped out)

71. Chariots On Fire, Mazda MX-3

72. Lightning McCrapp, Mazda Miata

73. Team Türbö Schnitzel, Merkur XR4Ti

74. RennSouth, Mazda RX-7

75. Sebok and Canada & Sons, Nissan 300ZX

76. No-Driving-Sons-O'Bitches, Honda CRX
Photo from Southern Discomfort 24 Hours of LeMons

77. BubbaGump Racing, Honda Accord