There's a line about ugly people, something like "it's what's on the inside that counts." Fortunately, you don't have to look at the outside of a car when you're inside of one. What car looks better on the inside?

Like Mickey Rourke, the current-gen U.S.-spec Ford Focus gets stranger looking with each facelift. What started as a bland-looking but functional compact car is now a confusing blend of disparate styling elements that stands out in the market only because it's so ugly.

And then you get inside one. Considering it's a long-in-the-tooth product that competes against the likes of the Dodge Caliber and Chevy Cobalt it's amazingly functional and attractive. The black-on-silver combination is a popular formula executed in a way that doesn't show any sign of bean-counterism. Sure, the dash plastics are a bit cheap, but all control stack is arranged in an ergonomic fashion not previously associated with small American cars. Equipped with SYNC it's highly useful. A good place to spend a long commute. It's not just better looking on the inside, it's almost a different car.


This isn't the only good book with a bad cover. Dash-strokers, knob-twisters, button-pushers do your worst by giving us the best interior/exterior contrasts!

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