The LeMons race season has entered a particularly crazy stretch, due to the break triggered by Chief Perp Lamm's wedding, and so we have races on back-to-back weekends. Here are the results from last weekend's New Orleans event.

We experienced zombies, alligators, drive-thru daiquiris, exhaust-cooked ribs, 10,000 percent humidity, a Hemi-powered '51 Saratoga, drag racing, and many E30s in the hunt for the overall win. Have the E30 racers finally solved their cars' nagging reliability problems, or are we just witnessing the results of a Darwinian culling of the weaker Bavarians? Either way, we saw the second-ever multiple LeMons winner, and a German Index Of Effluency winner gave the awards ceremony a decidedly Teutonic cast. The enervatingly swampy weather sapped the will to wrench from many teams whose vehicles crapped out early— including the Integra that was knocking off laps about five seconds quicker than the next-quickest competitor— and that led to quite a few teams giving up on racing and retreating to the blessedly thrown-rod-free French Quarter. We'd never see that sort of attitude in South Carolina or California, but life moves at a different pace in the bayou.

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1. Race Hard Race Ugly #93, BMW 325iS
Overall Winner

2. Red Rocket Ratnest Revival, Ford Taurus SHO
Winner, Class Bad

3. Team Operation, BMW 318i
Winner, Class Good

4. Live Oak Nudist Resort II, BMW 320i

5. Who Dat! Piranha-n-Chitlins, BMW 325e

6. Speed Racer & the Racing Rednex, Ford Mustang
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank award

7. Team HOR, Nissan Sentra SE-R

8. FUBAR Racing, Ford Escort ZX2

9. Kentucky Fried Racing, Honda Civic
Winner, Class Ugly

10. Race Hard Race Ugly #94, BMW 325iS

11. Boner Motorsports, Ford Probe

12. Mostly Harmless Racing, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
Winner, Index Of Effluency

13. Cupcake Racing, Ford Thunderbird

14. TDH Motorsports, Ford Mustang

15. TWSS Racing, Nissan 240SX

16. Who Dat! Shrimp & Boots, BMW 325e
Winner, Heroic Fix award

17. Warthog Racing, BMW 325e

18. Team Sensory Assault, Mazda RX-7
Winner, Organizer's Choice

19., Porsche 924

20. GT$500 Racing, Toyota Celica

21. The Whip-Its, Datsun 280ZX

22. Tetanus Neon, Dodge Neon
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least award

23. Team Danger Ranger, Ford Ranger

24. Krewe of Wrecks, Nissan 300ZX

25. Rolling Chicane Racing, Honda Civic
Winner, I Got Screwed award

26. Ludicris Speed, Volkswagen Jetta

27. Prancing Donkeys, Acura Integra

28. Team Petty Racing (Celebrity Team Impersonated), Dodge Daytona

29. Altimate Annihilation, Nissan Altima

30. @*%!? Unknowns, Pontiac Fiero

31. 240 Racing, Nissan 240SX

32. Team Blue Goose 2, Volkswagen Rabbit

33. NSF Racing, Chrysler Saratoga
Winner, Judges' Choice award

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets paid crazy baksheesh (and, if he plays his cards right, a fully restored De Tomaso Longchamp) for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.