The company line goes: the interior of the EC145 helicopter was inspired by the 2011 Mercedes R-class. But, unlike the German minivan, the Mercedes EC145 is actually exciting. It's a freaking helicopter.

Based on the Eurocopter EC145, Mercedes is essentially applying a luxury treatment to a workhorse aircraft. Come to think of it, that is kind of the R-class approach; take a concept that is purely functional and gussy it up with wood, leather, mood-lighting and logos, then charge a huge amount of money for it. The EC145 is a multi-purpose ‘copter that can carry very large loads for its relatively diminutive size, as such it's used in Europe for emergency medical response, search and rescue and basic people hauling.

In addition to seating eight people in the leather-n-wood cabin, the Mercedes ‘copter comes with a rear storage room for bicycles, luggage or the hired help.