If you're spending four large on a real Eames chair more power to you, but there are really good knockoffs for less than half the price that function (in my cheapo opinion) similarly. Silk soymilk is great, but the HEB brand stuff is almost exactly the same and cheaper. In fact, there are very few things in life worth the price difference from a good knockoff. One of these things is a real pen. There's a reason why Mont Blanc pens are so expensive and a $13 "Mont Blank" Chinese pen isn't worth the atom-thin plastic bag it comes in. Also, cheap brand peanut butter. Pay for real peanut butter. You're probably going to notice the difference between a $3.5 million Ferrari and a Triumph, but unless you're a collector irishman72 thinks you'll find a way to to spend that other $3.4975 million.

As long as you don't consider resale value.