The trend towards blurring the line between sports car and sedan is a modern one, yet the best example may be The Folden: part '69 Mustang and part Holden HQ. Blasphemous but awesome.

The custom Folden is the creation of two radio DJs in New Zealand who were tired of listening to the ceaseless Ford v. Holden debate. To fix this problem they grafted the front end of a '69 Mustang with a 302 Ford V8 to the rear of a Holden HQ sedan from the 1970s.

The whole thing cost about $62,000 to build and is being auctioned off. Despite the sacrilegious nature of the car and somewhat gaudy stereo it's hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship. Also, anything to get feuding Kiwis to shut their mango-holes is good enough for us. (Hat tip to Franklin!)

[TradeMe via Carscoop]