As much as all of us favor go-over-show there's nothing wrong with a few tasteful aesthetic upgrades to your vehicle. But when the guys at Pep Boys cut you off, there's something wrong. Where's the line between customization and over-customization?

There's no excusing the DragonVette, which is so across the line it'd need the Starship Enterprise and an Excursion full of Dilithium to get back across it. I don't feel this way about the Geiger Shelby GT500. It sits a little lower with the attractive addition of some black wheels. Same goes for a Mobsteel Lincoln Continental, a car embracing its chrometastic legacy. And that's the line for me. If a car tastefully enhances its own original look I'm game. When it starts to be come unrecognizable or cluttered is when it bothers me.

Where's your line? Share pictures — or it didn't happen.

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