Every spring in Central California the Volkswagen religious come out to show their Sunday's Best. Here is a quick recap of the Spring Fling.

The event was half car show and half swap meet where you could get rare V-Dub parts on the cheap.

Yes, you are looking at this correctly. That is a V-8 in that VW. Scary.

The notchback is still the "hard to find" Type-3. Back when I was in high school you were the sh... tuff if you had one of these babies.

The 23 window Type-2's are still the bus of choice for collectors and any store who sells Windex.

This is the sort of Bug that the SNL cast would refer to as something you could "put your weed in."

This vintage split window Type-1 interior had the coolest old school radio in it.

This clean flame job Type-1 picked up first place in its class.

This is the power plant for the flame job ride. I guess the size of the engine is supposed to be impressive?

This is the cleanest Baja Bug I've ever run across. Most of the ones I have seen were beat to death in the Beetleball.

Obviously, this is the short bus. But you rode in a different short bus to school.

I don't know if the owner of this bus was trying to be funny or if he really thought it was necessary to put The Club on a clapped out bus in the middle of a car show.

Probably one of the most obvious signs I've ever read.