If you don't believe a 2005 Chevy Malibu can travel 100 MPH, explain how a 26-year-old ramped his car 173 feet over an embankment and into the fourth-floor of a Cleveland apartment complex. Just don't ask the driver, he's dead.

Whether it was suicide or fatally bad judgment, 26-year-old Carmen Ritacco decided to speed down Cleveland's Vine Street at approximately 100 MPH early Wednesday morning. Either he lost control or lost his will to live, because the next step was up and over a small hill next to the parking lot of the Shoregate Towers apartment building.

The car completely cleared the parking lot and struck the building between the third and fourth floors, damaging an unoccupied apartment. There's a mark on the side of the building where the Malibu crashed into the wall. Other than Ritacco's fatal injuries, no one else was hurt.

The driver's family has no explanation for what happened, but 911 calls indicate he was driving out of control before the accident.

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