Dan Neil was famously fired for describing sex in the backseat of a Ford as "loving, consensual and - given the Expedition's dual airbags - safe." It's roomy, but we can do better. What car has the most sex-friendly backseat?

The Expedition's size is an asset, but it's lacking in the privacy department. Too much greenhouse. It's also a little too spacious. If there's too much room in a backseat, for us, it's basically like sex with seat belts. The gymnastics are half the fun. But you still want some room or else you'll end up breaking a window. That's why we fully endorse the Lincoln Town Car. More than enough room and yet still enough confinement to make the experience memorable. Plus, all that window space to fog up.

Whether from experience or fantasy, we want to hear your best pic for steaming the windows.

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Photo Credit: Litvin Leonid/Shutterstock