The man driving the souped up electric Barbie car reminds us of how far we went to simulate driving in the awful period before we were licensed drivers. What did you drive before you could drive?

I wasn't lucky enough to drive an actual Porsche GT3 RS at age 11 so I had to simulate it. There were no Hot Wheels and, honestly, not as many remote control cars as I'd like. I was fortunate enough, at least, to be around for the rise of the console video game system. This meant I graduated from Hang-On for the Sega Master System to Virtua Racing on the Genesis up to Gran Turismo for the PS1 just as I got my driver's permit. It was Ford Escort Wagon in a parking lot by day and a Logitech PS1 wheel with a TVR Cerbera by night.

What was your first set of wheels?

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