Manuel Uribe once weighed 1,320 lb, making him the fattest man on Earth. Driving's difficult as he's confined to bed, so he converted this '89 Astrovan into a truck. He needs a forklift to lift him into it.

Manuel is literally too fat to get out of bed, so he does everything in it. Eat (lots), drink, sleep, crap and now, drive. In addition to chopping the back off a "P***y Magnet" Yellow Chevy Astro van to convert it into a flat bed, his garage has been made larger and the wall between it and the house has been knocked down. Both modifications have been designed to accommodate the fork lift necessary to lift his bed from bedroom to vehicle.

Uribe, who now resides in his native Mexico, blames his food addiction on the US, where he lived for over a decade working as a computer repair man. While there, he gorged himself on hamburgers and soda pop, saying, "Life in the US is like that. You just go from your desk to your car. I used to drive my car to and from work, so I didn't get any exercise." In 2006, he entered the Guinness Book Of World Records as the heaviest man in the world.


Uribe has, since tipping the scales at his record weight, lost 400 lb thanks to doctors, nutritionists and the Zone diet.

Uribe's custom Astro is piloted by his second wife, Claudia, who he married from bed in 2008. Called "Meme" by his friends, Manuel has nicknamed the Astro "The Meme Mobile."

"Just like the Batmobile," says Uribe.

Yeah, just like it.

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