When your rings go bad and crankcase pressure starts a-buildin' up, you'll get oil a-gushin' out of any escape it can find: dipstick tube, filler cap, wherever. Cars dumping oil on a race track get in trouble. What to do?

The members of the Gashole Motorsports Nissan Sentra didn't come to the 2010 Gator-O-Rama 24 Hours of LeMons race to sit in the pits. They came to race! They got black-flagged for the vast quantities of oil being dumped from the trashed engine in their car and had to leave the track, but did they give up? Hell no!

See, what you do in this situation is break out the good ol' Texas ingenuity! You duct-tape a couple of gallon water jugs on the side of the car and rig some hoses from the valve cover, through the hood, and all the way back. Then you pit every half-hour or so to pour the collected oil back into the engine. Race on! What could possibly go wrong?

Not wishing to be accused of doing anything unsafe, the Gasholes rigged the oil-collection jugs on the outside of the car and on the passenger's side, so as to reduce the amount of hot, flammable liquid spewing onto the driver. The long hose runs give the oil a chance to cool off during its journey, so that it probably won't melt the water jugs. Brilliant!

Unfortunately, the system still smoked and leaked quite a bit, and several drivers in other race cars radioed in to report that their windshields were getting splattered with oil from the Gasholemobile. So, the LeMons Supreme Court had Black Flag Control bring the Sentra in for a checkup. When the car showed up in the Penalty Box, we couldn't stop laughing long enough for the driver to make an effective case for being allowed a speedy return to racin' fun.

Here we see the Gashole pilot 'splainin' how his rig is actually totally safe for 100+ MPH use. In the words of Chief Perp Lamm: "We love it. We will give you the Dangerous Homemade Technology trophy for it. But for you, the race is over." Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets paid crazy LeMons HQ dollars for his work as LeMons Supreme Court Justice Murilee, so you should treat his LeMons coverage on Jalopnik as the noxious byproduct of this so-called work.