The common view in driving games is the third person, above-car angle. Works pretty well. But what if you drove cars like that in real life? The hooligans at Rooster Teeth decided to try. The results? Predictably terrible. NSFW language.

So how'd they do it? Team video game took a Canon 5D Mark II (~$2,300) and a 17 mm stabilized lens (~$700), perched it up on a home-brew camera arm mounted in a truck's trailed hitch, piped the live HD video onto a screen in the cabin and drove with the screen instead of looking out of the windows. Wait, why couldn't they look out the windows? Because they were blacked out. What could go wrong?


Well, let's just say it was a good thing they were on a closed course where the only thing they could kill were cones and blow up dolls. Bonus for the Yakuza extras karate-kicking the test drivers. (Hat tip to Greg!)

(Incidentally, the background music, Russian pop group Glukoza's "Schweine" is one of the most incessantly catchy foreign tunes we've ever had riveted into our gray matter)