"Bacon and Reese Cups are a way to a big man's heart." This quintessential quote from a recent episode of Speed TV's "The Racing Chef" sums up everything about this sickening-in-more-ways-than-one NASCAR-centric cooking series. Wherefore art thou Speedvision?

In "The Racing Chef," viewers follow Chef Nicky Morse, cooking vet and former traveling team chef for Jegs Racing, as he cooks and comments with drivers, pit crews, fans, and vendors in the weekly show. Watching the show is a chore, with a trite, folksy varnish and the inclusion of bacon in practically everything. It serves to remind everyone how quality programming surrounding World Rally Championship, Dakar Rally, LeMans, Superbike, Legends, Formula 1, NHRA, and more costs money, and reality TV is cheap.