Oh Formula One... just when we think you're about racing and not regulations, Malaysian GP winner Sebastian Vettel gets 18 seconds of champagne-spraying before everyone decides Team Red Bull was clearly cheating. "They've got wings (and an adjustable suspension)!"

The cheating claim stems from an adjustable suspension in the undetray allowing the vehicle's height to be lowered during qualifying and raised slightly to support more fuel during the race, which may or may not be illegal. Our favorite comment on it came from überstrategizer Ross Brawn who gave Autosport the ol' we-need-to-clarify-for-their-sake argument:

"I think we do need to tidy it up, in fairness to Red Bull because there are accusations being thrown around. It is very unfair. They have a very good car, and there is no evidence they are unnecessarily doing anything untoward.

I'm sure they appreciate your support, Ross.

Photo Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images