When our Wes Siler said the 2011 Kia Optima was almost sort of interesting, oddseth replied he'd buy it if he ever gets "stupid and boring enough." So, what would you drive if you were "stupid and boring?"

Stupid and boring is a formula that typically means FWD, slow and unresponsive — you know, "beige." So yes, a Ford Focus RS is FWD, but it certainly isn't slow or unresponsive. If we're going boring we're going all out and substituting speed for convenience by picking up a Mazda5 (a Mazda3 hatchback is just too exciting). Yeah, it's got sliding doors and is basically a FWD minivan and with only 153 HP it's far from fast. So what? It has unique styling, it's fun-ish to drive, and completely practical without sacrificing its soul. You'll never see one without a child seat because it's a car built for people who will trade enjoyment for safety. Just because you're "stupid and boring" doesn't mean you can't be a little more interesting than the rest. Please never let us get to that point...


Put on those jorts, cut out the part of your brain programmed for fun and tell is about your most practical fantasy.

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