So many drinking references, can you tell it's an auto show week? Beer tasting with my in laws is great because, it turns out, one of my new cousins is a huge beer freak. Like hosts-his-own-massive-Oktoberfest kind of beer freak. He brews his own and drinks everyone else. In fact, I was at a wedding for another cousin and he held a beer tasting with bottles he stored in an ice-filled hotel bath. Most of it was created by some friends or in microbrew trades. There was so much I joked "What's next, a Westy 12?" And then he pulled out a long bottle with a yellow cap. Yep, he had one. The holy grail of beers. You can only get it at the freaking abbey where they brew it. He had a Westy 12. Anyways, we like beer. Therefore, we like Sectachrome's comment in our Equus iPad post.

My cousin approves.