April Fool's Day is when people who aren't funny try to fool people who aren't paying attention. Sadly, sometimes we make the biggest fools out of ourselves. What's your most foolish automotive purchase?

Oh youth. I was in college when the third pedal on Innes, my lowly Escort hatchback (named for Innes Ireland; an indignity he was thankfully not alive to discover), finally fell off. Rather than replace the tiny piece of rubber with another tiny piece of rubber, I thought it would be half-funny and half-awesome to throw on a set of those awful Fast And The Furious-style pedal covers that attach poorly to the back of the existing pedal using tabs.


Rather than make me feel/look/operate faster they constantly came loose, creating the risk of more damage. So instead of a humorous solution to a problem I was out the money for the novelty item and then for the real replacement pedal I had to buy. Also, I brought a girl along for the excursion who was equally unimpressed with my logic and skill.

This is where Nelson exclaims "HA HA" and points. Please, this is a judgment free zone, feel free to share without risk of Mr. T pitying your foolish ways.

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Photo Credit: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images