Toyota likes to say the the 2011 Scion iQ has "3+1" seats. It's actually got four, but the back seat passengers better not have legs. Still, that's twice the seats of a Smart.

At 120 inches, the iQ is actually quite a bit larger than the 98-inch Smart ForTwo, but you can't help but get the impression Toyota is directly targeting that car with its choice of names. The iQ is actually, according to Toyota, the "world's smallest four-passenger vehicle." The thinking behind the 3+1 thing is that the front passenger seat is mounted a bit more forward than the driver's seat, creating a smidge more leg room behind the passenger, thus enabling the transportation of a hobbit, as opposed to the quadruple amputee that will need to sit behind the driver. In what we're sure is an extremely important feature for potential iQ customers, the trunk can fit two golf bags when the seats are folded down. In an effort to overcome what will surely be lots of safety concerns about such a small vehicle, the iQ will be fitted as standard with 10 airbags. Motivation comes courtesy of a 90 HP, 1.3-liter engine.