David Byrne has a talent for surprise, whether with Talking Heads or on his own. I had the pleasure of seeing him with the Tosca strings for a taping of Austin City Limits and it was incredible. His latest project, Here Lies Love, is a collaboration with Fatboy Slim to tell the story of Imelda Marcos. Yes, a concept album about the first lady of the Philippines with appearances by Santigold, Tori Amos, Steve Earle and Cyndi Lauper. It works. I've always sort of liked the 365/412 despite its weirdness, too, but LuckyChuck disagrees.

You're in junior high on lunch break hanging out with your friends. At one point, a friend of your friends comes over to chat, and you sit there eating a sandwich and trying to take part in the conversation your friends are having with their friends.

Soon after that, a friend of your friends' friends' comes over to chat. They start talking about something, but you have no idea what it is. Some TV show? A card game? So you just sit there, eating your sandwich, sipping your apple juice.

At one point, you hear your friend's friend's friend say "Yo, my stepdad just got a Ferrari."

"No way!"

"Yeah man, he's coming by later to take me to the dentist. I get to miss class."

So everyone sits there eating their sandwiches and sipping on their juice, and your friends' friends are discussing their card games or whatever. About 15 minutes pass, and someone pulls up in what looks like some sort of brown vehicle from the early nineties. Suddenly your friends' friends' friend jumps up and exclaims "Here he is!"

Your friends and your friends' friends all get up and go over to check out this car, which is apparently a Ferrari. You can't help but feel disappointed that this is not what you were expecting when your friends' friends' friend said "Ferrari", the a bright red sexy Italian sports car of your dreams. However, not wanting to be left alone, you get up and join them and go over to look at this brown vehicle.

The driver, your friend's friend's friend's stepdad, wears white running shoes, bleached jeans, and a black bomber jacket. "Are you ready to go?" he says to your friends' friends' friend.

Meanwhile, your friends and your friends' friends are oohing and awing over this brown vehicle, but you can't help but wonder what the big deal is. It looks like every other vehicle on the road from the early nineties, except it has a prancing horse on it.

"What year is it?" one of your friends' friends asks.

"'73" the stepdad says coyly.

'73? Wow, that must have been a boring time.

Your friends' friends' friend gets in the vehicle, and they pull away. Your friends and your friends' friends star at eachother as if they've just seen the second coming of Christ.

Meanwhile, you go back to where you were sitting and finish your sandwich wondering how much of your friends' friends' friend's real father's child support money went in to buying that brown vehicle.

You can hear the full album here.