Symmetry: ['simitre] noun. 1) Correct or pleasing proportion of the parts of a thing. 2) When my doors are cooler than yours.

The interior of a Dodge Charger belonging to the Mexican police.

This guy. This guy right here. We love this guy.

Doors, doors, doors.

Much attention was paid to Mexican speed bumps, a.k.a topes. Most of them were tall and wide enough to put the hurt on anything with wheels if taken quickly.

This gauge works. I have proof.

The M159. If funky German disco-dance love has a sound, it sounds like David Hasselhoff Kraftwerk covering 99 Luftballons this.


This never gets old.

Seriously? Really? I mean, really?

On the move.

This man gave us gasoline. He also filled up ten other gullwinged supercars. He was not impressed. We like his style.

Middle of nowhere, Mexico.

"So, wait — derecha?" "Derecha." "But..." "Oaxaca." "Oaxaca?" "Oaxaca." "Ahhh."

Did we mention that this never gets old?