In honor of this weekend's first-ever NHRA Four-Wide Nationals at North Carolina's zMax Dragway, we bring you this video from months earlier that defines awesome — four jet-powered dragsters with an estimated 24,000 HP combined rocketing down the track.

Warning: this video may cause uncontrollable desire to perpetrate awesomeness.

Here are the insane stats on just one of these cars, the Embry-Riddle Jet Dragster:

Horsepower: 6,000 HP
Thrust: 6,500 Lbs
RPM: 19,000
0-60 MPH: 1.3 seconds
0-290 MPH: 5.5 seconds
Fuel Use: 2 gallons Jet-A Fuel per second

Multiply that by four and you've got tend of thousands of horses rolling down the track in unison. Credit the NHRA for creating a need we didn't know we have with four-wide racing.

Photo Credit: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images