The #carcrashes tag has gotten a bit overworked recently, prompting us to wonder if anyone we know is about to become a minor Internet celeb. Who is the worst driver you know?

This is a perennial question around these parts because bad driving, or at least the recording of it, seems to increase every year. And with old people, celebrities, and show-offs running into walls no segment of society seems immune.

Personally, I know an entire family (father, mother, two sons, and a daughter) who is insured and alive only by the grace of God/Geico. It all started when I noticed the eldest son always showing up to work in a different, slightly abused looking vehicle. At first I thought he just kept a flock of old beaters running, but upon interrogation it turns out he constantly shuffles cars between family members as one is wrecked and put out of commission. One week it's the younger brother in a ZX2, the next the sister in a Lincoln LS, and finally the eldest in a 86 'Stang to end the month. I always picture their driveway looking like a FoMoCo salvage yard. Few of the accidents are serious and, as far as I can tell, the accidents are all single-car. With each crash the cars seem even less roadworthy, increasing the likelihood of another crash.

Who do you refuse to drive with unless you've got a fireproof suit and bucket?

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