There's apparently a lot of shame around these parts with more than 1,000 responses to our question asking what vehicles you were ashamed to want. Bring the pride back. What vehicle are you proud to admit your want?

I'm proud to admit I'd rock a Mercedes 450SEL 6.9, because super sedans may have gotten faster and sleeker but few are as raw and awesome as the first in insane sleeper luxury car. It all started with a Benz engineer thinking let's drop our big limo V8 (a 6.3) into our sedan and see what happens. It worked, and they followed it up with the even crazier 6.9. It had over 400 lb-ft of torque and 286 HP... in 1973. With classic Mercedes good looks and a smell of woods and leathers it's a must have.

What about you? What do you want everyone to know you want?

And if you doubt the reasoning behind our decision just watch this:

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Photo Credit: CarLust