You've read 10 billion bombastic claims on car forums, and it's all been pretty much meaningless… until now. "The Forum Wars" will take those claims and put them on the real-world race track. Check out the tire-smoking, smack-talking trailer!

The show will air segments on Speed TV beginning on April 5th and have full episodes available online on the same date at

The big question is, who wins the first episode? Racer Boy Rob Krider in Steve Kuhtz's SCCA prepared Mustang Shelby GT sporting Hoosier Tires and Carbotech Brake Pads or drift expert Richard Sevilla in the last-minute "hot" motorswap 350Z?
Editor's note: A 7-time 24 Hours of LeMons veteran armed with Smokey Yunick-grade rule-bending expertise versus a drifter? Murilee says check it out!