All day long we talk about cars we'd like to own, love to own, have to own. Then there are these other cars, the ones we desire but don't talk about. What vehicle are you ashamed to admit you want?

My Volvo wagon serves me well and, having only a single-car garage, I hardly need another vehicle. I just want one. Many other vehicles. Hundreds. And as hard as it would be to make the case for one more project, if the vehicle could fit in the wagon it would only make sense to buy it. Therefore I've been, with a measure of shame, using Craiglook to find vintage mopeds. Specifically, I've been poking around for old Puchs and Honda Passports. Small bikes, classic looks, fits in the wagon. Actually, maybe a matching set out back. It's perfect for my neighborhood.

Of course, they're also a bit silly. I tend to not like moped people. Just get a damn motorcycle, I'd say, so what would everyone say or think if I bought one? Thus my shame.

Be brave and fess up: what do you want you're not telling people? This is a safe space.

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