All our soapbox derby creativity ended after we discovered the delights of a Briggs & Stratton with a centrifugal clutch, but we didn't have this clever, steerable, flat-pack, derby-style car. No hex key required.

Per Brolund calls his car Joyride and, aside from the possibility of a good finger pinch from a linchpin snapping closed, the car's designed for easy, tool free assembly and flat storage when the weather turns sour. It's also got a coat of paint able to take everything from a finger painted Martini-Racing theme to some kid-sized mud bogging and wash off with ease. Yes, it's pushable for flat-landers, but just as easily can be aimed down a hill for high-speed thrills. Still needs a Briggs option, but the rope-based steering linkage might get a little hairy. [Yanko Design]