While Elvis Costello, The Roots and The Foo Fighters make both great recordings and produce great shows, not all bands can live up to their studio produced albums in person and, conversely, not all bands can live up to their great live performances. Usually the former applies to pop acts and the latter to punk or loud metal bands. A weird example of this is the Old 97's, a band I never really listened to but was compelled to see at an outdoor music festival in between acts I actually cared about. Despite knowing maybe two songs it was one of the most enjoyable sets the entire weekend. Having seen them again since I'm still impressed by the show they put on. Not enough to buy a CD, or anything, but I'll still see them. Oddly enough, they were on the Idol record label for a while, which produces nothing but bands I end up seeing a lot of in concert but never care enough about to buy their music. COTD winner Optixtruf has mixed feelings about idols as well, this time Steve McQueen.

We're not worthy. We're not worthy. We're not worthy.