The Georgia law making it illegal to drive slow in the fast lane is awesome, but why stop there? Assuming you were a state legislator what motor vehicle law would you pass?

There's already a movement afoot to ban texting while driving but it's not going fast enough, dammit. We can abide lots of foolishness while driving so long as the person driving is paying attention to the road. Driving on the road we see it all the time. Texting. Tweeting. Emailing. And it's not just at traffic lights, we're talking about in the turn lane exiting a freeway. A smartphone used as a GPS device is fine, but updating your Facebook status while driving on the Interstate demands serious penalties and serious consequences.

Put the intern aside for a moment and share with us the law you'd pass if the most important decision you made on an average day wasn't answering the Jalopnik Question Of The Day.


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Photo Credit: Izismile