The post-apocalytpic tanker truck is a great idea but we think the same commenters who helped put together the definitive post-apocalytpic vehicles list can do better. What discarded vehicle makes the best post-apocalyptic home?

Assuming the zombie threat has mostly faded and it's just angry survivors and the occasional post-fallout mutant out there then you make the transition from flight- to fight-mode and are suddenly holding fort to rebuild society. What to choose?

The ubiquitous yellow school bus is where we'd start because, as nice as a discarded tanker is, they're more difficult to find and a little cramped for our tastes and we're not big on being so separate from our motivation source should radioactive rats move into the neighborhood. They're roomy and easy to modify with abundant parts and built-in exits. If you're worried about an attack they're flat-sided and take well to whatever armor you can weld or bolt on.

Can you top a Bluebird... from HELL?

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Photo Credit: IMCDB