Tomorrow is this year’s vernal equinox, the official end of both winter and snowpocalypse. Which can only mean one thing: it’s time to unpack your summer ride. Show us a picture!

Like this old military brown BMW R60 motorcycle, for which spring has definitely sprung. We spotted it this morning on the sunny side of one of Budapest’s many hills, its heavy winter tarp giving way to 60°+ temperatures. A quick glance at a weather map of the United States leads one to conclude that the days of tarps are heavily numbered over there as well.


Do you have a car or a motorcycle which you keep for summer use only? If so, show us a picture in the comments. And right after uploading, unwrap the tarp and take it for a ride or a drive. After all, Sunday is officially springtime. Sorry, Ozzie friends.

Photo Credit: Balázs Fenyő (BMW E46 325i) and the author (BMW R60). Special thanks to Natalie Polgar for spotting the Beemer.