So, uh, this is a little... yeah, we can't make any jokes. Some of them are too easy, some are too stupid, and some are just too mean. But we have five words for you: You must watch this. Now.

A brief sampling of items found in the above video:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Vibrating senior citizens
  • Magic clothes
  • A metallic-green Chevrolet Cavalier with a yellow interior
  • The phrase "Jesus-beats bangin' in my trunk"
  • The phrase "put those Jesus-beats in and ride"
  • "Deuces" that are "thrown high" by a guy on a riding lawnmower
  • An old man who climbs into a car and gets to head-bobbin'.

A brief sampling of items found on the B-Shoc website:

  • A tour schedule
  • The song "God'll Make You Clap," along with a sound file of said song where the last word in the title is slurred enough so that it sounds like something that is definitely not clapping
  • Ringtones
  • A link to buy the B-Shoc album Against the Flow and a DVD of the music video.

We'll let you discover the rest for yourself.

Note: We respect all religions and all walks of life. We have no problem with anyone who believes anything. We just have a thing for magic clothes and the lawnmower deuce.

[ via VWVortex]