Bill Caswell. One week of transit, one week of work, and roughly two hours of sleep per night. He usually looks a little more normal, a little less insane. Usually.

The ceremonial night start as seen from the 318i's cockpit. Just up the ramp is an elevated stage with a turntable in the middle.

One of the event's tandem exhibition stages.

The paddock, night.

The big-time paddock, day.

Water crossing.

Parc ferme. One of these things is not like the other...

Monster/Ford WRC driver Ken Block. Mexico was his first top-level WRC event and his first major event for Ford.

Ken Block's "assistants." Yes, that is an iPhone picture. Yes, it was taken by Caswell.

Halfway through the first day, Caswell took a jump too fast and broke a motor mount arm on landing. The following night, during the 45-minute service period, he fabricated a new one using scrap steel he happened to have in his trailer.

A stage shot taken by a spectator.

Sebastien Loeb's Citroen C4.

Another spectator stage shot.

An indoor exhibition as seen from inside the cockpit. Again, an iPhone picture. Yes, he was driving when he took this.

Low-budget service spot.

Build a shitbox, drive to Mexico, get famous!

The rally's closing ceremony.