Listening to former Skoda factory rally driver John Haugland discuss the finer points of driving sideways. I'm the guy in the striped shirt and green shoes.

The track. The driving surface was roughly ten feet wide and bordered by seven-foot-tall snowbanks.

A WRX on the attack. Haugland is in the right seat.

Throttle, throttle, throttle.

The controls for the STI's throttle mapping and locking center differential.

Morning. Why is it that I never want a Subaru when I see one on pavement, but when I see one on dirt or snow, I'm struck with a need to hit the bank and buy an STI?

Do not believe anyone who tells you that Utah is ugly.

Haugland at the wheel.

A studded General snow tire. Surprising grip.

If you insist.


This stuff just doesn't look right when it's clean.

Instruction. (Q: "What's going to happen to the cars when we're done?" A: "They'll get fixed.")

If you win, you get...nothing! (OK, I got a giant deck of cards and the nickname "Wildcard" for no apparent reason. One other guy got a cervical collar. Both of these things make me happy.)

Yours truly in competition just after a pass. Note constipated look on face. This is the face of speed journalism.

Post-race handshaking. I'm in the beanie; the man on the left is Car and Driver's Steve Spence; I have no idea why he's looking at his hand like that. (Mark of the beast blogger?