In 2007, actor Nicolas Cage leased a 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III worth a cool $550K and a not-as-cool 2002 Corniche. When he lost his shirt in the stock market, he returned 'em. Now he's got a $240K bill.

It's not the Best of Times for Nicolas Cage. According to a spokesman, Cage purchased a 60-month lease on a gorgeous 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III valued at $550,000 in 2007 and because he's The Family Man he is, also picked up a 2002 Rolls Royce Corniche. Things were going great until his investments came up Snake Eyes in the 2008 financial collapse, he returned the cars to the Hancock Pack Collection ahead of schedule and they had to sell 'em off in the depressed market, so they lost a pile of cash. Now Cage and the lease company are in a Face/Off over how much he owes, Hancock says $104,490.68 on the Silver Cloud and $137,077.06 on the Corniche. Next time maybe buy within your means Mr. Cage. [TMZ]

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