Here's how the Ferrari 599 HY-KERS incorporates a 100 HP electric motor and lithium ion batteries into a plain Jane Ferrari 599 without sacrificing performance.

Despite the name, the 599 isn't equipped with a crazy, F1-like Kinetic Energy Recovery System, but rather just humdrum regenerative braking, just like the Toyota Prius.


Don't expect much in the way of added performance from that little electric motor grafted onto the 7-speed manumatic transmission, Ferrari proudly claims in the original press release that it's only enough added power to make up for the added weight of the system. Since 100 HP is more then enough to make up for the additional 220 Lbs, we're guessing the electric motor doesn't have much of a say in outright performance, but rather exists to operate on its own at low speeds. Hey, that could be just the thing for sneaking in and out of your house without your Swedish wife finding out about your hooker habit.