The fundamental problem with the slowly dying Hummer wasn't the product. The brand was long ago usurped by knuckleheads and used as a symbol of conspicuous consumption and this tuner abomination is part of the problem. Unleash the hounds!

This thing is a rolling tribute to everything that people hate about Hummer. Naturally, there are giant chrome wheels that make the vehicle useless in for its intended purpose. The blinding chrome wrap ensures that you vomit on sight, and the Brembo brakes are... well, they're just insulting. Still, this H2 really shines — pun intended — on the inside. Its interior sports no less than nine televisions; it has a custom, three-bottle champagne cooler in the back seat; and a host of chavtastic colors and materials line its innards. The best (or is that saddest?) part is the first-generation XBox hooked into the video system.


Oh, right: It was built by German tuner CarFilm Components. Curb your enthusiasm.

[via WCF]