The third race of the '10 LeMons season took place at MSR Houston last weekend, and we witnessed an impossible Taurus SHO victory, four rollovers, two MGBs, and our first Renault Le Car racer.

Those of you who want to geek out on lap times and such should go to the MyLaps results for the race.
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Thanks to Nick Pon, Awesome Shots, and Cafe Photo for photographic help. Thanks also to the Tetanus Neon and Property Devaluation II Fairmont teams for letting me mount the BumperCam timelapse still camera on their cars.

Not only was the winning car a Taurus SHO, it was a SHO that drove to and from the track under its own power!

1. Red Rocket Ratnest Revival, Ford Taurus SHO
Overall Winner

2. Team Blue Ball, Dodge Neon

Winner, Class Good
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

3. Team JB-Weld, Pontiac Grand Prix

4. Never Give Up, BMW 1600

Winner, Class Bad
Winner, Highest Placing 70s Contender

5. Prancing Donkeys, Acura Integra

Fastest lap of race (1:57.928)

6. Swine Flew Raycing, Infiniti J30

7. Track Knights, Toyota Paseo

8. Team Blue Goose 2, Volkswagen Rabbit

9. Team Racecar, Nissan 240SX

10. Live Oak Nudist Resort II, BMW 320i

Winner, Organizer's Choice

11. Team Flying Wrench, Nissan 300ZX

12. The Hazardous Dukes, BMW 318

13. Cajun Coonasses dba Speed Racer y'all, Saturn SC2

14. BFS Black Flag Society, Toyota Celica

15. Team Festivus, Ford Festiva

Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least Award

16. Haul Ass Racing, Toyota MR2

17. Rolling Chicane Racing, Honda Civic

18. Lost In The Dark, Mazda Miata

19. Rust Pirates Racing, Chevrolet Camaro

20. Euro Trash Revenge Of The Cone Killers, BMW E30

21. Z Wrecks Again, Datsun 280ZX

22. Sheila and the Sheikhs, Ford Mustang

23. Tetanus Neon, Dodge Neon

24. Race Hard Race Ugly #94, BMW 325

25. State Pooper, Ford Mustang

26. Stick Pony Racing, Ford Mustang

27. WEEZER RACING, Ford Escort

28. LRE: Lemons Racing Experiment, Datsun 240Z

Winner, Index of Effluency

29. Team Sour Puss, Acura Integra

30. Little Buckadillo (Team Petty Racing Celebrity what ever...), Volkswagen Beetle

Winner, Class Ugly

31. Harris Hill Road LMP (OS), Triumph TR7

32. HOV-Wreckers, Mazda Miata

33. Team SLAP (Shifts Like A Porsche), Ford Mustang

34. Team Sensory Assault, Mazda RX-7

35. The Rolling Barricades, Toyota Celica

36. Team FatCat Racing, Jaguar XJ6

37. Apex Vinyl Driving Then Drinking, Isuzu Impulse

38. Prison Break Racing #27, BMW 325e

39. Zebra Racing, Toyota Pickup

40. Ludicrous Speed!, Volkswagen Jetta

41. Home Repo Racing CrapcanOfTomorrow, Ford Mustang

42. Hoosier Daddy, Mitsubishi Galant ES

43. Team JDL - Swamp Jews From Hell, BMW 2002

44. Rust Bucket Racers, Chevrolet Cavalier

45. Mostly Harmless Racing, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

46. Kentucky Fried Racing, Honda Civic

47. Team Petty Racing (Celebrity Team Impersonated), Dodge Daytona

48. Team Miagra, Mazda Miata

49. OxyMorons, Toyota Celica GT

50. Brass Burro, Mustang II

Winner, Mustang That Made Us Say DANG!

51. They ain't right racin, Toyota MR2

52. Summer's Eve Racing, BMW 325i

53. smilin' bob racing, Honda Accord


55. Team Operation, BMW 318

56. Swedish Turbo Slaabs, Saab 900 Turbo

57. Fall Guy Stuntman Association, Ford Escort

58. Live Oak Nudist Resort, Inc., Ford Taurus SHO

59. French Revolution, Toyota Camry

60. TSOL - Totally Shit Outa Luck (again), Saab 9000 Turbo

61. Roadkill Racing, Mazda RX-7

62. Starsky and Hooch, Nissan Sentra

63. Property Devaluation Racing II, Ford Fairmont Wagon

64. Theissen's Revenge, BMW 325eS

65. City Of Bats Racing, Toyota MR2

66. Pistols For Pandas, Mazda RX-7

67. Projecct Yellow Racing, Honda CRX

68. Donkey Punch, BMW 535

69. Green Piece, Volvo 740 Diesel

70. Pucker Factor Racing, Nissan Sentra SE-R

71. TiredBird Racing, Pontiac Firebird

72. Bastardos de LeMons, Lincoln Mark VIII

Winner, Judges' Choice Award

73. Apex Vinyl TX Racing, Toyota Hilux

74. Speed Racer & the Racing RedneX, Ford Mustang


76. Kopi Luwak Katz, Toyota Celica

77. El Toro Loco, Ford Taurus SHO

78. Team Oil Is Optional, BMW 325e

79. Cupcake Racing, Ford Thunderbird

80. TnT Racing, Volkswagen Golf

81. Trouble & Mayhem, BMW 325

82. Austin Torque: Team Mid-Drive Crisis, Mitsubishi Mirage

83. Los Cucaroches, Ford Mustang

84. Team RSC, Eagle Talon

85. Days of Blunder, Mazda RX-7


87. Boehm Racing, Saab 900S

88. Reel 'Em In Racing, Toyota Celica

89. Secret Society of Skanks and Bitches, BMW 525

90. Red Mist Racing, BMW 325i

91. A-Team, Mazda RX-7

92. Dinoco Lightning Storm, Eagle Talon

93. Petty Cash Motorsports, Pontiac Grand Prix

94. Crewe Le Pew, Renault Le Car

Photo credit: Awesome Shots

95. Done Gone Rogue Racing, Datsun 260Z

Winner, Heroic Fix

96. Exhibition of Slow (EOS), Toyota Tercel

97. POOPRA, Toyota Supra

98. PreLube Racing, Honda Prelude

99. Gashole Motorsports, Nissan Sentra

Winner, Dangerous Homemade Technology Award

100. Junkpunch Racing, Ford Mustang

101. Serious Business Motorsports, BMW 325e

102. WTFAWDT Racing, Mazda Miata

103. NASCAR Rejects, Chevrolet Monte Carlo

104. MetroSexual, Geo Metro

Winner, I Got Screwed Award

105. Flying Hoondai, Merkur XR4Ti

106. Lost In The Dark II, Mazda MX-6

107. Dogged Racing, Ford Probe


109. Vow of Celicacy, Toyota Celica

110. Chupa Cabras Raicing Team, Honda Civic

111. Team Zip Tie, Ford Taurus SHO

112. Union Jack Racing, MG MGB

113., Chevrolet Caprice

114. G&H Diversified Bavarian Racing, BMW 325

115. Team Blue Goose I, Honda CRX

116. Race Hard Race Ugly #93

117. Substandard Racing, AMC Gremlin

118. monstaRX-7, Mazda RX-7

Photo credit: Cafe Photo

119. FUBAR Racing, Ford Escort

120. Team Kamikazda, Mazda Protege

121. Lambacher Foles Racing sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Church, Acura Integra

122. Bucket of Rust, Nissan Sentra SE-R