The race started two hours ago, and I've been so busy dispensing Texas-style justice that I've only now had a chance to break out the computer for a quick update.

The current leader is an Acura Integra, but the big news is that the winner of the last Texas LeMons race flipped over and is out of the race. The driver was OK, as was the driver of the other car that flipped during the first 90 minutes of racing.

Here's a shot of the now-destroyed Escort during happier times. Hey, roll cages and helmets work!

Meanwhile, the first-ever LeMons Renault Le Car (which is covered with fur as part of some sort of Pepe le Pew theme) continues to rack up the laps. The "Spitfire" winged MG overheated, then wrecked. The Gremlin wrecked. Many, many cars have wrecked. Many more have broken. Looks like a long weekend ahead for the wrenches and Sawzalls!