Yeah, we’ve shown you Heikki Kovalainen’s crashed F1 Lotus yesterday—but have you noticed the fancy custom Adidas sneakers the team are wearing?

For those of you not well-versed in the weird and wonderful cinematic world of Wes Anderson, here are the eight relevant seconds from his 2004 film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou:

One of the film’s many idiosyncrasies are these Adidas sneakers worn by Zissou’s crack team, based on real Adidas Rom track shoes but never sold in retail. While painstaking replicas have since been created, the real thing is just about as elusive as a jaguar shark.


Steve Zissou has now been succeeded by Lotus’s badass-looking, overpaid-and-underperforming-while-at-Toyota technical director Mike Gascoyne and his team of lightness-adders, pictured at Jerez wearing custom pairs of yellow-and-green Adidases which match the new Malaysian Loti.

And for a parting note in the key of pop culture extravaganza, yours truly in a Team Zissou shirt drinking espresso from a Lamborghini cup:

Photo Credit: Ker Robertson/Getty Images, Ken Harman, Lili Mesterhazy