A Saab took the overall win, which was shocking, and GM continued its run of Index of Effluency dominance… which came as no surprise at all. It was cold, it was wet, but the racin' was great!

Those of you who want to geek out on lap times and such should go to the MyLaps results for the race.
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Thanks to LeMons Assistant Perp Nick Pon for photographic help, and to the Tunachuckers, Bone Stock Racing, and Our Lady Of Perpetual Downforce for allowing me to mount the BumperCam timelapse camera on their cars. OK, here they are, in order of the final standings:

1. rbankracing.com, Saab 900 Turbo
Overall winner

2. Team SOB (South of the Border), Volkswagen GTI
Winner, Class Bad

3. www.endurancekarting.com, Mazda Miata
Winner, I Got Screwed
Winner, Class Good

4. Junkworks Racing, Mazda Miata
Winner, Organizer's Choice

5. Magnum PU, Honda Prelude

6. Monty Python's Flying CRX, Honda CRX

7. Sweede Lil' Pigs, Saab 900

8. Black Sheep Racing, Nissan 300ZX

9. Super Troopers Racing, BMW 325

10. Team Saab Story, Nissan 300ZX

11. Rush Hour Racing - Mellow Kab, Ford Crown Victoria
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

12. Son of a Blitzen, Mercedes-Benz 190E

13. Miller Lite, BMW 325e

14. Team Villain Racing, Honda Prelude

15. Howard J Turkstra Motorsports, Toyota Celica

16. Team Top Gear, Nissan 200SX
Winner, Chili Cook-Off

17. Beelzebubbas - Rednecks From Hell, Chevrolet Camaro

18. German Garden Gnomes, Acura Integra


20. Cullman Liquidation, Honda Prelude

21. Team Red Rocket, Ford Escort

22. Dorifto Dogs/Hoon Hound, BMW 325e

23. Track Pillagerz!, Buick LeSabre
Winner, Index of Effluency

24. Swede Sixteen Racing, Volvo 740

25. Schumacher Taxi Service GI Slow, Toyota MR2

26. DRTy e-Thirties, BMW 325e

27. Team Police Brutality, Lincoln Mark VIII

28. Team Drinking and Driving, Honda Civic
Winner, Judges' Choice

29. Darwin Wrenching, BMW 325

30. theoretical racing, Nissan 280ZX
Winner, Class Ugly
Winner, Highest Placing 70s Contender

31. Team Z Racing, Mazda Miata
Winner, Jake Leg Award For Worst Moonshine

32. JP Smith Builders, Ford Crown Victoria

33. The Rotary Rotards, Mazda RX-7

34. Flying Purple People Eater, Mazda RX-7

35. V Dub Motorsports, Volkswagen Jetta GL

36. R&R Racing, Honda Accord

37. Graham Tire Co, Nissan 200SX

38. Pants Optional, Mazda Miata

39. Bone Stock Racing, Mitsubishi Diamante

40. Our Lady Of Perpetual Downforce, Honda Civic
Winner, Dangerous Homemade Technology

41. All night long, Lincoln Town Car

42. UPOS Delivery, Volkswagen Rabbit

43. Riverrat Racing, BMW 318i

44. BoomPow Surprise, Ford Probe

45. Whiine and Cheaat Racing, Saab 9000 Turbo

46. Skool Boyz Racezing, Datsun 280Z

47. Kobayashi Maru, BMW 320i

48. NSF Racing, Honda CRX

49. Midlife Crisis, Nissan 300ZX

50. No-Driving Sons-O'-Bitches, Honda CRX

51. BubbaGump Racing, Honda Accord

52. Team Phoenix, Porsche 944

53. Schumacher Taxi Service- Lost Our Shirts, Toyota Corolla FX16

54. The Slammer, Alfa Romeo Milano

55. Team Fustercluck, Ford Mustang
Winner, Heroic Fix

56. Racing Nemo, BMW 325i

57. Grim Reaper Racing, Ford Mustang

58. Viva Viagara, Opel Kadett

59. Misfitts, Honda Accord

60. Amaxaphobe Racing, Pontiac Fiero

61. Tunachuckers, Volvo Amazon