The Mercedes Sprinter fitted out by Airstream is the traditionalists choice for the wandering individualist when the end-times comes. The interior is luxurious while being compact, fitting a bed, a bathroom with shower, galley kitchen and dining area into the available floor space. As an added bonus it's a diesel, so fuel will stretch compared to your other options.

When it comes to traveling light and doing it as safely as possible, the ATV form factor is hard to beat. They're fast, get good fuel mileage over rough terrain, have tons of cargo capacity and can be hidden in much smaller spaces than cars. This one looks a bit nerdy with it's street tires and police livery, but it would do pretty well dodging through abandoned traffic on the highways and byways.

This one's more a flight of fancy than a legit apocalypse vehicle, courtesy of the Volo Auto Museum, it's the crazy hoopty piloted by the baddy in the 1965 classic "The Great Race." It's perfect if you're into wearing top hats and spearing zombies with a bright orange ram.

The Lower Forty concept is one of the baddest functional concepts to come from Jeep in quite a while, it's equipped with a beefy roll cage, a big HEMI engine, forty inch tires and room for two. The Lower Forty would be great for traversing far off the beaten path and away from civilization, where you gain safety from potential thieves, just be sure to grab a few extra jerry cans.

We've already done our drooling over the Oshkosh M-ATV and its spectacular bigness. It's capable off-road and can take everything short of a depleted uranium tank round. In reality it would be tough to keep this sucker fed a steady diet of diesel, but that's what you've got a roving hoard of scavengers at your beck and call for.

A Model T? Yes, a Model T. Think about it, you can keep a T running with a hammer and a pack of chewing gum. When the factories go quiet, you'll want something built to last and designed with the crudest level of technology so if something serious breaks, it's not outside the realm of possibility to recreate with basic casting and machining skills. Another benefit is if you master the Model T's operation, it's unlikely anyone would be able to steal the car as its operation is totally different than a modern car.

The MRAP offers many of the same benefits of the M-ATV, but on a much larger scale. Think of it as an impenetrable mobile fortress for the Armageddon family on the go.

Let's say there's no way out of this one. There's a chunk of rock the size of Texas heading straight for Earth and the only thing you can do is have a rockin' good time until the big day. While there are a lot of cars on Chicago's floor to choose from, the lightened and more powerful 2011 Mustang GT500 is the newest. There are a lot of tires out there, and only so many days left to burn through all of them, best to have something that can do it efficiently and look this good in the process.