Three 24 Hours of LeMons overall winners are scheduled to race each other next weekend at the ChumpCar World Series 24-Hour Enduro at the Streets of Willow Springs. Who will win?

Eyesore Racing won the 2009 Reno-Fernley race in their Ghetto Turbo Miata.

Metro Gnome won the 2008 Thunderhill race in their motorcycle mania Geo.

Krider Racing won the 2007 Altamont Motorsports Park event in an Acura with a blown head gasket (when The Spirit of San Diego team ran out of gas in front of them).

All three championship teams are scheduled to head down and run their $500 beaters in a true 24 hour race format with ChumpCar. Will the Metro Gnome nuke more motorcycle transmissions? Will Krider Racing's Acura/Honda head gasket survive 24 gruelling hours? And if the head gasked does miraculously survive (and statistically speaking, it won't), will the team roll the car over the last lap like they did at Buttonwillow? Or will Eyesore's turbo Miata continue on its steady great finishing ways? Only time will tell, and time will be the enemy for any team trying to get 6,000 rpms out of a $500 car for 24 hours straight.