Your racing suit needs to be covered in patches, so everyone can tell you're serious. This way you'll get the proper respect when you show up to Executive Pointe Luxury Raceway for a weekend of Spec Achieva racing.

Of course, wearing patches signifying the 24 Hours Of LeMons races in which you've participated might not have the desired effect on your fellow racers. In fact, they'll probably treat you like you're shedding radioactive hepatitis Q virus, particularly if you've got the 2010 Arse Sweat-A-Palooza patch on your suit (which, no doubt, will still be stained from the three engine swaps your SHO needed at your team's last LeMons event).

For every LeMons race during the 2010 season, each racer will be issued an official patch commemorating that event (in stark contrast to the 2009 season, in which LeMons HQ had event patches for sale but screwed up and ordered far too few patches to meet demand, leading to endless whining some unhappiness on the part of patch-challenged participants). In theory, the rest of you will be able to buy these fine patches (which will no doubt become utterly worthless much-sought-after collector's items) at the never- soon-to-be-up-and-running LeMons Online Store.
Commemorative Patches of the 2009 24 Hours of LeMons Season

Commemorative Patches of the 2010 24 Hours of LeMons Season