Bowing to public pressure after a mechanic got someone else's Lamborghini impounded, West Australian police may slightly amend their anti-hoon laws to impound only vehicles that are owned by the hoons in question. They're still keeping that Lambo though.

Yesterday, we reported on the case of a doctor who's Gallardo was impounded for 28 days after his mechanic was caught exceeding 100 MPH in it. Under West Australian law, any car caught breaking the limit by more than 37 MPH goes straight to car jail without passing go.

Now, it seems the good doctor has been able to drum up public indignation that he's being punished for someone else's crime. The police minister stated, "I've decided there is room for a minor amendment which may allow for the substitution of an offender's car in place of an innocent person's car." So, in the future, mechanics caught hooning other people's cars would get their own beaters impounded rather than a customer's $200,000 pussy magnet.

This "minor amendment" comes to late for this particular Gallardo though, police will be keeping it the full 28 days but may wave the $825 fee. Somehow, we're guessing this is all going to hurt the mechanic more than it will the doctor. [The Australian]