Honda is in a battle with Tata and other automakers to be the next little big thing in developing markets like India. The excruciatingly literally-named and production-intent Honda New Small Concept is how they'll fight 'em.

While the five-seat New Small Concept wouldn't be quite as cheap as the Tata Nano, it'll be aiming for just above it. Let's call it the upper reaches of the cheapest part of the market.

Honda plans to begin sales of a new model based on this concept in 2011 in India and Thailand.


Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. (HCSI) has unveiled a New Small Concept at the Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi today, along with plans to begin sales of a new model based on this concept in 2011.

To create a highly efficient compact car with seating for five people, designers have used a wide platform offering a stable centre of gravity. Its stylish design has been dubbed an "Efficient Energetic Exterior" with ‘forward bumpers' that give the Concept significant road presence despite its size.

Honda is planning to introduce a new model based on the Honda New Small Concept in India and Thailand next year. The aim is to provide a new small-sized vehicle that is beyond the expectations of customers in rapidly growing markets – offering the car at an affordable price by leveraging Honda's global parts sourcing network.

Photo Credit: RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images)