Part: Citroen 2CV Breadvan
Part: Ferrari F355
Equals: The Fastest Way To Deliver A Bageutte
Suggested By: Comrade Clockwork

Part: Hummer H2
Part: Rolls Royce
Equals: A Sum Even Tackier Than The Parts
Suggested By: Skaycog

Part: Volkswagen Beetle
Part: Mercedes Sedan
Equals: The Classiest Beetle Never
Suggested By: TurboBrick

Part: Volga
Part: 6-Series BMW
Equals: Reason Enough To End The Cold War
Suggested By: Number_Six

Part: R34 Nissan Skyline
Part: Nissan Stagea Wagon
Equals: A Wagon So Hot They Gonna Call The Feds
Suggested By: evoCS

Part: Cadillac
Part: Ford Convertible
Part: Volkswagen Beetle
Part: Chrysler (we think)
Equals: The Anycar II
Suggested By: Tonyola

Part: Buick Riviera
Part: Volkswagen Station Wagon
Part: Lincoln Mark IV
Part: Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser
Part: Cadillac El Dorado
Part: Ford Pinto
Part: Chrysler New Yorker
Part: Lincoln Continental
Part: A Lot More
Equals: Any Car III Built By George Barris
Suggested By: Pixel

Part: Renault F1 Car
Part: Renault Espace Minivan
Equals: Renault Espace F1 Matra
Suggested By: GeeHalen

Part: C6 Corvette
Part: 1957 Chevy Bel-Air
Part: 1958 Impala
Part: 1959 Impala
Equals: The Chevy 789
Suggested By: PaulJones

Part: Studebaker Coupe
Part: Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Airplane
Equals: The Stukabaker
Suggested By: Tanshanomi

Part: 1965 Corvair
Part: 1977 Chevy Blazer
Equals: Ralph Nader's Nightmare, Doc's Machine
Suggested By: Jeb_Hoge

Part: Dodge Challenger Vert
Part: Dodge Ramcharger
Equals: Hick Madness
Suggested By: oa5599

Part: 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
Part: Toyota BJ/Fj 45 LWB Chassis
Part: Small Block Chevy 350
Equals: The Fanciest Paris-to-Dakar Entrant Ever
Suggested By: BigEngineSmallCar

Part: Land Rover
Part: Nissan 300ZX V6
Part: Citroen DS Suspension
Equals: One Complicated Rover
Suggested By: Adamskiy

Part: Buick Grand National
Part: Oldsmobile Cutlass Wagon (we think)
Equals: Darth Vader's Soccer Mom Car
Suggested By: Six Flags Over

Part: Cadillac El Do
Part: Corvette
Equals: Corvorado
Suggested By: Instructor

Part: Plymouth Road Runner
Part: Plymouth Belvedere Wagon
Equals: Mix-n-Match Mopar
Suggested By: ArmyofChuckness

Part: Yacht
Part: Cadillac Coupe De Ville
Equals: A Real Land Yacht
Suggested By: ArmyofChuckness

Part: Zimmer
Part: 2009 Ford Mustang
Equals: The Zimmerstang!
Suggested By: RobertoGrijalva

Part:Rat-rodded Truck
Part: Rat-rodded Truck
Equals: The Original Double-Cab
Suggested By: Thunder;Now