The best Craigslisters are kung-fu masters of turd polishing, making even the stinkiest of deals smell like roses. Take this rusty, non-running, urban-camo-painted Postal Jeep for instance. Yes, there is a Jeep buried beneath that nubile photoshopped flesh.

Selling good vehicles for cheap is for chumps, a much-better tactic is to appeal to the lizard side of the male brain. Put pretty ladies on top of your "need some parts and work to run again" Jeep to distract from the inevitable hellishness which waits beneath. The ladies don't even have to really be there, a half-assed photoshop job is enough for the reason center of the brain to be crushed under the caveman-see-pretty-lady part. It's a sneaky trick, and perhaps just enough to get you to make a poor decision. (Thanks for the tip Tom)

[Craigslist, Here when it disappears]